A little bit about me

Why is that so, I hear you ask? Well, I've always enjoyed people watching, like when you're at the arrival area of an airport waiting for your family, and you see all the other people nervously waiting and then showing delight and love as they see the person walk through the gate. Weddings are very similar with all that emotion, and I feel lucky to be able to document these times.

I studied film-making at the Northern Film School, so this has definitely contributed to how I have developed my style of photography over the years. I'm particular drawn to a series of images that can all work together to build a complete narrative of a wedding and if that has a cinematic feel to it then the better.

I've lived in Bournemouth on the south coast of the UK for around ten years, it's a beautiful place in the world, and I'm lucky to call it home. I'm an animal lover, and if you ever come round my house for a cuppa, you will meet my cat named Ali. Other than photography, my love is music, and I like nothing better than mixing the two on the dance floor at a wedding!


My favourite place in the world was Japan, I was lucky enough to travel for work and got to photograph people in the Fukushima region. I want to go back one day.


I have been spending a lot of time renovating my flat with the hope of eventually doing an extension.


I have a fear of heights, so going on a hot air balloon was bloody scary but equally exhilarating.


A dream would be to convert a van and go on mini adventures across Europe.


I'm a BBC Radio 6 addict, my go-to for those long editing stretches.

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With so many types of photography out there, you might be slightly confused about what is right for you. My idea of wedding photography is not your usual looking straight at the camera formal style that you may have come across during your search. I whole heartily believe documentary wedding photography is the perfect style to show how you both felt during the wedding. My number one goal is to bring out all that energy & life from the day; with an entire collection of photographs that help will you relive it for years to come.


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